Greenfield Public Junior High School is an english medium co-educational school. It is registered and set up in 1991 under the President ship of Our honorable Director Shri Prithvi Singh. He established this branch in 2009 with the purpose of providing Quality and purposeful education to the children.

Our Vision

Blend of Values
Quest for Quality & Experience

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the valued learning to the young for a total development of a Personality.



When the basic needs of human beings are met, they begin to think of higher pursuits. The same feeling led the promoters of the school to start on this educational venture. They felt that there was a dearth of quality schools comparable with good schools in the developed countries that provided excellent service at an affordable cost. With a spirit to provide a good infrastructure, the best in academia and the greatest depth in the inward journey, the promoters have established this school where East meets West.

The motto of the school 'LEAD ME TO LIGHT', taken from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28. The objective of the school is to assist the students to unfold their latent talents and to help them to grow to the highest possible level in as many fields as is possible for each individual. In addition to facilitating their physical, mental, spiritual, aesthetic and ethical growth the school invests them with an indomitable spirit. Our training here is geared to discovering their infinite worth as they grow up. They will not necessarily look for external approval – they will be spurred into action by an internal drive. Reaching the top is largely a matter of self-belief therefore, it will be our endeavour to instill in them the quality of self-worth and they will be motivated in life to do the right thing.

Our constant endeavour is to develop communication skills, leadership qualities and life skills such as problem solving, realistic goal setting, self-confidence, decision making, independent thought etc. For this purpose, wholesome activities like trekking, rock climbing, discussions, situations requiring independent thought are conceived and implemented. Such training opens the minds of children to a world beyond academia. Furthermore, they learn to face danger and challenges. Briefly, we are imparting mind-enhancing education in the school.

Our Aim & Objective

Green Field Public Jr. High School's aims at creating an educational world where children from all sections of the society have ample opportunity to get quality based education. Our efforts are towards moulding every student to strive for excellence in every field and to create awareness in every child to think independently so as to make an ingenious citizen.

1 . Provide a well-rounded program of instruction using the best educational practices appropriate to the cultural, intellectual and social needs of the students.

2 . Prepare students to be independent thinkers, skillful communicators, and lifelong learners and global citizens.

3 . Foster a sense of individual responsibility, self-discipline, self-reliance, and respect for self and others.

4 . Promote a creative, active lifestyle.

5 . Orient students to the world of technology and media, developing familiarity, competence, and awareness of the tools they will need as they continue their learning process.

6 . Encourage acceptance and tolerance to the diversity of moral, traditional, and religious values.