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The school assembly is a symbol of unity for the school. Prayer is a way to teach children to turn to God for wisdom and guidance. It helps to remind the young minds each day that they must bring their concerns and worries to God so that they gain clarity on the situation in a relaxed moment of prayer. Prayers are a good source of passing the morals and values to the student. Morning assembly conducted in the schools everyday play a vital role in imposing good morals among the student and it gets registered in their mind quickly. Prayers have a power of creating a pious atmosphere that helps instill certain values such as humility and discipline in the students. This helps the school children realize the essence of the ethical values. Prayers in school encourage the students to believe in the value system the school and follow it.

The morning assembly provides a channel to release information related to school life such as the club activities and extra-curricular activities. The important conducts of this assembly are- Hindi / English Prayers, Shlok, Pledge, Thought of the day, News Headlines, New words, Significance of the day and National Anthem/ School Anthem.

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The school follows the house system in which the students of Class I to XII are allotted a house. Each house is mastered by a Teacher (House Master) and student (House Captain).

The four different houses are

  • Aravali (Red House)
  • Nilgiri (Blue House)
  • Shivalik (Yellow House)
  • Himalaya (Green House)

They are named on the mountain ranges of our nation which also reflects the mighty and power of the houses.

House dress has to be worn on every Wednesday & Saturday.

The Houses conduct In-House Activities during House Assembly and the selected house representatives participate in Inter-House activities. This inculcates team spirit in them and at the same time motivate them to work for excel in each activity.

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In many ways, the benefits of extracurricular activities for students are primarily in shaping the personalities of children along with lighting up their fun moments.

Although essential, good grades are not the only aspect that helps in your child’s future career. Having a successful career needs more than just bookish knowledge; these extra qualities can be obtained by engaging in activities outside the classroom.

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Students

  • Excel in academics
  • Social Circle
  • Making the Child Future-Ready
  • Time Management Skills
  • Explore Interests
  • Broader Perspectives
  • Builds Self-Esteem
  • Break From Studies

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For true integrated growth to take place, our children’s physical self must be systematically developed. Sports facilities at our school include indoor games and outdoor sports. The sports curriculum is designed according to the needs of the different age groups. In the pre-primary classes, emphasis is laid on the development of gross motor skills, physical stamina, flexibility, balance, strength, hygiene, overcoming physical fears and hesitations and the development of team play. In the primary classes, games with rules become increasingly important. Team accomplishments complement individual goals for excellence. Gradually, skills of play and precision with mastery assume greater significance for students of the secondary and senior secondary classes.

Indoor facilities will be made available for chess, carom etc. Outdoor sports include basketball, badminton, volleyball & athletics.

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The school organizes all possible educational visits & field trips demanded in their syllabus as we believe that learners learn by their own experience and experience can be gained only by being a part of it.

We organize picnics and educational tours to make the learning a life time experience. This also helps the students to explore the diversified cultural heritage of our country which eventually can be beneficial in their perception to be broader and wider in the upcoming years of their life.

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A successful workshop provides participants with new skills, information and a sense of accomplishment. The purpose of the workshop is to help the students with the conduct of research, dissemination of results and future planning of their education and career.


First aid is the initial assistance provided to a child or individual while waiting for the medical professionals to arrive. In the worst of cases, first aid can be a difference between life and death. To provide students with the proper knowledge of first aid, Green Field Public School organized a workshop by _________ on __________for grades ________. Principal, Dr. Suman Kaushik also stressed on the safety & security of the students and emphasized that such training sessions will develop their skills beyond the books.


Story is the song line of a person’s life. Keeping this in mind an interactive story telling session was organized in Green Filed Public School for the students of grades I and II where they were taught the right way of telling stories and improved their creative thinking. Ms. ______ was the dignitaries who conducted it enthusiastically.


The orientation program was conducted on _________ for the parents as organized in two time slots. _____________, was the guest of honour and he gave some parenting tips to the audience.


A workshop was organized for the girls on the issue of menstruation, its myths and hygiene on _________. Audio- visuals were shown by the representative followed by some questions.


Teachers’ workshops are conducted in various fields like communication skills, personality development, yoga etc. The motto was to acquaint the teachers with the new techniques of teaching skills. A marvelous workshop was also conducted ___________________.

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